Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a sad tale's best for winter

they have been following me.

a mother and child, in form though not in spirit.

they are vile beasts, worse, perhaps, than the unclean creatures they have nestled within.

i suppose it was only a matter of time.  the mother and the child.  caliban and sycorax.

i remember seeing  them for the first time.  i remember cordelia, dearest cordelia, running in fear from them.  i remember regan and goneril laughing at her.  but there was something in me, a twist of sympathy.

i could not laugh.  i could only see her pain and

a bird just hit the window.

i am in a diner, making use of free wifi and unlimited coffee, my true dark mistress.

i do not know if it was one of the murder.


another here, a slim, dark haired maiden, showed more than normal concern upon seeing the truth behind the sudden noise.  indeed, she appears to regard the twitching frame of the broken animal with a touch more fear than revulsion...and also appears to be looking for more where that one came from.

this may be a trap.

however, if i can help her...perhaps that will go a measure towards what i am indebted to dearest cordelia.

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