Wednesday, January 18, 2012

silence, ho

i won't bore you with the details but, i am on the move yet again.

where i was is no longer safe, so i shall have to be somewhere else.

i wonder, before i go.

how can those who choose to hold those foul avians even pretend to be human?  how can they pretend to belong to a higher cause?  to be a higher life form?

they are debasing themselves.  they are becoming a tool to an animal.  less than human.

and yet, there are those who consider themselves blessed.

a holy birdhouse, if that.  nothing more.

do you know, little nests, what happens to a shell like you that loses too much structural integrity?  what happens to a nest that takes a shotgun blast to the face, perhaps?  or a full body roasting?

you are food.  like all the other unworthy.  you are a useful fur coat.  you are useful camouflage.  you are a pack animal who deems itself a temple.  nothing more.


  1. I am a pack animal. One who murders "humans" Like you on an almost daily basis. I don't consider myself better than human or a servant to a god or anything like that. I consider myself a murderer and I consider the birds an excuse and a weapon.

  2. -laughs- I call every proxy cannon fodder to begin with. I also just got a very creepy image of a proxy having its birds turn against it and eat it like piranha. O_O

  3. sir, you are a fool.

    you think of the birds as a weapon.

    you think of yourself as a free agent.

    you are not in command of yourself. the moment you are less than they want you to be, they will dispose of you.

    you are a weapon. a crude, blunt instrument. i have killed things such as you before. it is a mercy. not for you, but for the world that must endure your filth.

    and dia...i have seen it. the first time, it is terrifying.

    every other time, it has, to be truthful, made me smile.

    1. As long as I get to kill people it's all the same to me.

    2. you are like a dog who believes he is responsible for the ducks, falling out of the sky.

    3. More like a dog who doesn't care what his master does as long as he gets to gnaw on the bone.

      My humanity was a crippled shell. Now I get to have fun. I don't care why or for who's sake just that I get to stretch my legs a little bit.

    4. the pride you hold in that is, i think, the worst part.

      you are a tool. less than an animal. an animal's tool.

      like any tool, you can be broken.

      buckshot, i find, is most effective against a nest. ruins the host. shatters the birds inside.

      so much like a bird, easily broken.

    5. That requires that you see me before I see you and with the birds augmenting my vision and hearing I consider that unlikely. I sincerely hope I run into you someday.

    6. you believe i have survived as long as i have on a miracle, sir? do you believe luck drives my life?

      do you believe you are unique? a one of a kind creation of the murder?

      i will speak plainly, lest you mistake my words:

      i have killed what you are before.

      i will kill more of what you are in the future.

      long after you have failed your masters and been given their ultimate punishment

      long after your ruined body gives up its hollow-boned hosts

      long after you are merely pellets splattered against a car windshield or statuary





    7. I kind of just figured it was because the Convocation didn't care about you enough to really try.

      On a related note so did your friend there get killed by the birds themselves or was it a nest? Did she scream? I bet she did. I bet it sounded horrible. Or were you not there? Did she die without you there for her? Is that why you're so angry and depressed? Is it because you weren't there to help her?

    8. i laughed, reading that.

      such a pathetic attempt to antagonize me.

      cordelia did not scream. she did not die by your masters, or their servants.

      she smiled

      and lit a match.

      and a dozen things like you

      and a score's score of your masters

      vanished in prometheus's loving purge.

    9. Aww damn. I have to respect that now. You get no respect but your friend. That is pretty badass.

      Course this shows a small bit of ignorance on your part. None of my "masters" Were killed in that blaze. There is only one master. The birds are just an extension of itself. I can;t claim to understand it completely but the convocation is not the birds it merely uses the birds as a physical form.

    10. oh, of course. complete and total ignorance.

      so ignorant that i have already addressed this in a previous post.

      i tremble in fear of those powers of observation you bragged so much about.

    11. If you were aware of this than why would you say such an incorrect statement as to imply that your friend had killed some of my masters? Did you simply forget that my master cannot be killed?

    12. i never claimed them dead.

      i claimed they were burned to ash.

      there is an important semantic difference.

      you may need to look that word up.

    13. I am aware of the meaning of the word semantic and I will admit to my inaccurate reading of your statement. I suppose this conversation holds no more value. You may carry on with what is left of your life.

  4. Um. Holy shit. Also.. ever seen Smiley get ahold of someone? -shudders- I think that's even worse than the birds..