Thursday, July 5, 2012

of dire combustion and confused events, new hatch'd to this woeful time

we have acquired a different place with which to spend our respite, one with, perhaps, not quite so conspicuous a name attached to it.

i am grateful to have companionship after so long.  'tis almost enough to erode some of my trepidations about our current unfortunate predicament.

we do not remember what events may have transpired since our imprisonment in that accursed kitchen.  i appear to have my laptop, but at some point i exhausted my supply of molotov cocktails.  i only hope that what beauteous conflagration i inflicted somehow saw to the death of caliban or sycorax.

i do have doubts on that, now.  i am beginning to be in possession of a great many doubts, to be completely factual.

sheherezade and i performed an expedition to see if we could not, perhaps, acquire some bread with which to break or fast in our recently acquired, temporary abode.  our trip was most fortuitous, until i caught an unfortunate glimpse, an omen more ill than hamlet's father atop the battlements.

i do not wish to speak more of it.  i do not wish to know what it meant.  i am not a person of a duplicitous nature--i have not kept secrets.  all that would shame me i have been most forthright with.

but if this great ebon hound is at our heels...what did we do in that missing time to earn its gaze?

fortunately all it did was gaze, and i quickly lost sight of it.  perhaps it was the merest coincidence i observed it thus?  i know not.

i do not wish to, either.

how she saw this

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